Pre and Post-Natal Support

Pre-Natal Support

Carrying a baby puts considerable pressure on your body. Yes, it’s what a woman’s body is designed to do but during pregnancy sometimes we all need support. Energy work combined with carniosacral and myofascial release can be helpful in easing your sore back, legs and feet.

Emotional Support – Integrative Energy Healing can be helpful prior to the birth process. If there is residual emotional trauma from previous births, it is beneficial to release the energetic imprint of those experiences prior to giving birth again. For example, if your first baby was a miscarriage or stillborn, the emotional memory of that experience may still reside in your cellular memory as grief or fear. Often a single energy session can allow you to release that imprinting and “clear the slate” for the current birth experience.

Post-Natal Support – After your baby is born often there is a time of adjustment when life seems challenging. Energy work can support you as you transition into your new role as a mother.