End of Life Care

Some of the most meaningful and rewarding work that I am honoured to do is working with people who are nearing the end of their life. I have been doing hospice work since 2007 both as a volunteer with the Victoria Hospice Society and independently.

Integrative energy healing work can be very helpful in relieving pain on multiple levels. I have found that people feel calmer and more relaxed after an energy session. They feel that there is more space in their experience for contemplation and reflection.

It can also be supportive to have someone to talk to who isn’t afraid of the dying process. I see end of life as a process of transition from this plane of existence to the next. Each person has their own unique perspective that they bring to their dying. My role is to support them in the best way possible and always with their guidance and permission.

I am happy to arrange home or hospital visits. Call me—Dacia (Daysha)—at 250-588-3922 to talk about the type of support you are looking for for yourself or your loved one and what I can do to help.