Cancer Care

Energetic Support for People Living with Cancer

The diagnosis of cancer can leave you reeling. You may feel shocked that this could be happening to you. Your own mortality – once something in the distant future – now seems very real and personal. Suddenly you are overwhelmed with choices about treatment options.

The key through all of this is to make sure you do everything you can to support your well being. Get lots of good rest, eat well, especially the cancer fighting foods and the anti-oxidants, walk in nature and take the time to practice relaxation.

Cancer treatments are severe. They need to be. And you need to do everything you can to support your health in all the ways you can while undergoing treatment. You can’t control the fact that you have cancer but you can control how you react to and live with it. Remember that most of your body is still well and working hard to stay that way.

As a health care consumer you have the right to put together a team of health care professionals in addition to your family doctor and your oncologist. A team that works for you. Some support is provided by the cancer agencies and some services, like nutritional coaching, a homeopath or naturopath, counsellor, acupucturist and, perhaps, depending on the type and extent of the cancer, a massage therapist, you will need to pay for yourself. An energy medicine practitioner is an important member of this team.

The physical and emotional effects of cancer treatment can be significant. Your immune system will be fighting hard to reestablish its balance. Energy work can be beneficial. Cancer affects the energy that moves through and around your body just like it affects every other aspect of you. By restoring the energy field to balance, your body has greater energy resources available to it to recover from treatment and to help you return to health.

Feeling depressed, anxious or sad about treatment side effects is a normal response to the huge changes in your life. Energetic support can help you to relax and put your experience into a larger perspective.

Over the last decade I have helped a variety of people undergoing treatment for breast, pancreatic, thyroid, liver and ovarian cancers and leukemia. Some of the ways I’ve been able to help is to see them right after their chemotherapy sessions to clear the effects of excess chemicals from their energy field and reduce the side effects of nausea and fatigue. I have also been able to help my clients relax and find balance and poise in a challenging situation while boosting their immune system and energy field so they feel stronger and more resilient.

I am happy to arrange home visits if coming to yet one more appointment in the community seems like too much. Call me—Dacia (Daysha)—at 250-588-3922 to talk about how cancer is affecting your life and the ways I can help you manage your energy.