What Can I Expect?

Initial Consultation

A typical energy medicine session begins with a consultation in which we explore your relevant medical history and the particular concern that brings you to my office. Your initial assessment will include a brief medical history, your physical, emotional and spiritual concerns, and an assessment of your energy field.
Together, we set our intention — a focus and a goal for the session. Based on this, I choose a treatment or range of treatments, which best address your needs. Our collaborative goal setting ensures a client-guided treatment and a trusting therapeutic relationship.

Safe Relaxed Environment

You can expect a safe, comfortable, relaxing environment with a padded massage table to lie on or if you prefer, a chair to sit in. You will remain fully clothed while I work with your energy field, hands on or off the body, and always with your permission.
Some myofascial release treatments require direct hand-to-skin contact, but again, always with your permission.

Experiences of a Session

During a session you may experience physical sensations of warmth, coolness, tingling and/or physical release of tension associated with energy flow. You may also experience emotional release in the form of tears or laughter. This is normal and should not be suppressed as release enables healing.

Physical and Emotional Changes

After a session, most clients have a sense of lightness and well-being. The integration of physical or emotional changes can sometimes take several days. If you have any concerns, contact me by email or telephone for support and guidance.