“I’m deeply grateful for all your care, encouragement, and ever-flowing healing energy.  There is no way to express how much I appreciate all you’ve given me, including the transformation that has taken place in my life over the years we’ve been “working” together.” —Anna M.

“I have been profoundly impacted emotionally, spiritually and physically by Dacia’s kind, gentle, compassionate and intuitive approach to connecting and healing.  She is a gifted healer who, along with identifying and alleviating my physical pain, has guided and supported me, provided a safe space for sharing and healing, and inspired me to honor my own inner wisdom.  What a gift it has been to connect with her!” — Tracy L.

“My work with Dacia Moss has been very rewarding and invigorating. She is a compassionate, respectful and dedicated healer. Her gentle approach has affected change in my chronic sciatica, lessening the degree and onset of pain. On a more spiritual and emotional level I would say we successfully released a deep-rooted malaise, which has allowed me to open a brighter window into my heart. I am grateful for her kindness, presence and generosity.” —Nicole L.

“Thank you, Dacia. I am never sure if you know just how much your work adds value to my life. What you contribute is so meaningful in what could feel sometimes like an unbearable situation.” —Heather, hospice client

“My time with you was profound.  I appreciate the way you work, it put me at ease and helped me trust the work, you, and myself.”—Brenda G.

“After I injured my shoulder gardening, I sought medical treatment first. After five sessions of Physiotherapy, my shoulder had not improved. Three healing sessions with Dacia immensely improved the shoulder pain and range of movement. After the first treatment the pain subsided, and movement improved. Two more treatments and I was almost back to normal. Prior to these treatments I was not able to raise my arm beyond a few inches. After treatments I was able to raise my arm to shoulder height, and without pain. Dacia is a very gifted energy healer, and one who understands that the Universe and everything that exists is energy. Her extensive knowledge of this, and how to channel it positively and effectively is indeed a great gift to her clients.” —Helen C.

From a letter received from a client after extensive post surgical support in hospital —“I have been thinking of you lately with much gratitude. I will never forget how you touched my life. During my recovery I have come to realize how ill I was while in the hospital. I feel like I lost a lot of days in a sort of fog. But I do remember your coming to offer me healing energy sessions… Thank you once again for your kindness and amazing healing energy.” —Kathy O., post surgical client